To Establish Security and Ease under the “New Normal” Lifestyle

Due to the global spread of the novel coronavirus, we must learn to coexist with the virus.In reality, our society has expected this day to come.

In this Age of the “New Normal” lifestyle, every single lifestyle-related service; restaurants, beauty and cosmetics, nursing care facilities, healthcare, hospitality,
government offices, shared facilities, hospitals, transportation facilities, educational facilities, will have to “update” and adapt to these lifestyle changes.

The Japan Environment Health and Safety Organization, therefore, seeks to create a standard for a safe and clean environment,
that is unique to Japan, for all lifestyle-related services and businesses.

By building a social system and promoting it via various awareness programs, we aspire to establish security and ease for the consumers, users,
customers, workers as well as “new businesses” of these lifestyle-related services, in their daily lives.

Journey to Founding (Board Chairman, Haruyuki Yamashita)

The outbreak of the novel virus worldwide has completely changed our daily lives and the way we interact. The initial responses to this strange and unknown virus were slow, however, fears grew over the scale of this crisis and many precious lives were lost. Even now, there are still countless victims worldwide.

As an F&B business owner, I have expanded my business overseas; when news of the virus first came in,
I took immediate action to deal with it, starting with our restaurant in America. The situation in each country,
be it in Singapore or Japan, is different; and the way we have to deal with it is also different.

In Japan, as the virus continued to spread, a state of emergency was soon declared as health concerns intensified. This lockdown by the government effectively forced our economy to come to a halt, causing adverse effects and substantial economic and social damage. Eventually, we have come to a point where we are all required to adapt to the "New Normal" lifestyle, to coexist with the virus.

Although many have accepted the "New Normal" lifestyle, there is still much fear and insecurity within society. With no substantial measures put into place to deal with the virus, those providing and receiving these measures are just learning through imitation, without any appropriate guidance.

Is this considered a secure social structure for our society?
Is this the "proper" way of doing things? For a society to function well?
These are some questions I think about every day.

My goal was to provide the latest information about the virus; to create a standard for the people.
With the help of many professionals and experts, we were thus able to establish the Japan Environment Health and Safety Organization. Even though the risks will not be zero, applying measures will help to lower the chances of risk.

Our cause — To Establish Security and Ease in Society.
We aim to connect people, doctors, professionals, and experts, from different industries and business circles, to join hands together as one, to overcome the many difficulties we may face ahead.
By building a system, we can create a standard to deal with everchanging hygiene and safety conditions;
for your everyday livelihood and a brighter future.