About Us

About Us

Our Vision

Due to the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, we must learn to coexist with the virus. In reality, our society has expected this day to come.

In this Age of the “New Normal” lifestyle, every single lifestyle-related service; restaurants, beauty and cosmetics, healthcare and hospitality, will have to “update” and adapt to these lifestyle changes.

The Japan Environment Health and Safety Organization, therefore, seeks to create a standard for a safe and clean environment, that is unique to Japan, for all lifestyle-related services and businesses. By building a social system and popularizing it via various awareness programs, we aspire to establish security and ease for the consumers, users, customers, workers.

Our Mission

With regards to all lifestyle-related service industries and businesses, we provide:

  • Assessment and evaluation of hygiene and safety conditions; authorization and certification
  • Human resource development and training
  • New product development concerning hygiene and safety conditions
  • Licensing and endorsement of related products or merchandise
  • Consulting services concerning hygiene and safety conditions
  • Research and analysis concerning hygiene and safety conditions
  • Other operations related to the above-mentioned services

Organizational Chart

Organizational Chart
Organizational Chart